Scrapbook themes for the perfect gift

Sometimes you want to make something unforgettable and worthwhile as a gift or as a keepsake. Making a scrapbook is one of those amazing gifts! But what are the themes you could do? In today’s blog post, we are giving you a few themes you could do.


Why not compile a whole list of your favourite recipes and make it into a scrapbook? From healthy food to desserts, add into the scrapbook. This scrapbook would be your very own personal cookbook and it is displayed in your own creative style! Not only that, you could compile a friend’s or a family’s favourite recipes and give it to them as a gift.

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Doing a scrapbook of yourself would be a memorable gift for yourself. It would be something you could look back upon when you are older. It could also be something for you to show your children one day when they start asking what you adventures you went to, etc.

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Wedding / Anniversary

Compile all your favourite moments together and making a scrapbook of it, would be a great gift for your partner – be it anniversaries or as a wedding gift. Show your creative side through this scrapbook. Not only that, you could write sweet and meaningful letters in the scrapbook.

Wedding Scrapbook
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When I was younger, it was pretty fun making a scrapbook with my friends for a friend’s birthday. This could be another theme you can do – creating a scrapbook for a friend’s birthday or a graduation gift, etc. It can be a meaningful gift when the receiver can look back at the memories as they grow older.

Source & Source


And that’s it, folks! Hope you enjoy the different themes you could do for scrapbooking and found a theme that you like!

‘Till next time!

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