What Type of Instagrammer Are You?

Instagram is a great place for sharing great photos with your friends, family, followers. etc. Ever wonder what type of Instagram pictures are out on your feed? In today’s blog post we are going to list a few Instagram pictures or types of Instagrammers on Instagram.

The ‘Foodie’

We all have that one friend that LOVES to take Instagram food pictures. Not that it is a bad thing, but it sure makes you feel hungry every time you see his or her post and crave for the food. Well, you could always count on this friend for knowing what are the good makan places to go.

The foodie

The Photographer

Instagram has become a platform where inspiring photographers (or those who does photography as a hobby) post their pictures. The pictures they post are very stunning and creative! It makes me go how did they shot this?

The photographer

The Traveller

I envy those who get to see the world and experience different cultures and cuisines. Posting pictures of Mount Fuji, Grand Canyon, etc. makes you want to drop everything and pack your suitcases.

The traveller


Ain’t it cute? Posting on what funny things your pets did on Instagram, making your friends, your followers smile and laugh. Who knows, it can make a person’s day!


Just a side note that the Instagram username are purely fictional. And on that note, these are the the different types of Instagram pictures or instagram-ers I tend to see on my feed. Which one are you from the list? Are there other Instagram pictures that you see that are not on the list?

‘Till next time!

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