Interesting Display Ideas for Magnets!

When you think about Magnets and where to display them, the first thought would be the fridge. True that? There are many other ways to display Magnets and it is not limited to the fridge. Here are 5 fun ideas to showcase your Magnets!

#1 Magnet board

magnet board


You can print your favourite motivational quotes / photos etc. on these magnets and pin your daily To-Dos with them! You can find these magnetic boards at IKEA @ a really affordable price.

Print your magnets here: Magnets

# Kids PlayBoard

kids magnet board
magnet board

Keep your little ones busy with this magnet board! Makes a very nice display in the kids room as well.

#3 Travel

travel magnets

This is a good way to remember the good times you had with your loved ones when you travel together! They are really unique and great for displays around the house. They go great as a gift too!

#4 Menu Board

menu board


This is great for planning meals for the week! Stick your recipes or grocery list here and you shall never lose it again.

#5 Hallway Display

hallway display

Super unique and cool, one-of-a-kind wall display. Print your photos on magnets or display magnet souvenirs and take a trip down memory lane whenever you walk down your hallway.


These are not the only few ways you can display your magnet,  you can even use them for events, such as weddings, birthdays, baby shower etc. as a display.


Happy printing and till’ next time!




























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