5 Photo Magnet Ideas to Create your Own Fridge-stagram

Magnets are great to have because they make your fridges look more lively and adds a personal touch to your home. What’s even better than a normal magnet is that now you can print your life’s joy and precious moments on them! They are extremely versatile and affordable, it’s no wonder that photo magnets are getting more popular these days. There’s many things you can print on these magnets, not limiting to only your personal photos. Here are 5 different photo magnet ideas you can try out, they can even be printed as a gift since Christmas is coming!


1. Travel 


No doubt you can find many touristy souvenirs like keychains and magnets when you visit a country and it might represent a city or a place, but that doesn’t tell about your own experience there! Create photo magnets from your holiday adventure and stick them at home as gorgeous displays of your photos and also good keepsakes from all that travelling. Get reminded of your favourite trips every time you look at your fridge!

2. For those of you who love to take random pictures


Not gonna lie, I’m one of them *inserts laugh-cry emoji’ Among all of my pictures, 3/4 of them are random photos of my fur baby. I thought about printing them out but that’s gonna take up way too much space. So I thought why not print them on magnets! They don’t take up much space and they look so cute on your fridge! You can also print memories from your social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook if you enjoy posting them online.  Possibilities are endless.

It’s also really cute to give someone random candid pictures of themselves or you guys together. Give them a surprise, sometimes they don’t even know you took pictures of them!

3. Creative 


If you are someone that loves to doodle and draw, magnets can be one of the ways to display your work. Show your creativity to your family and friends when they visit your place!




Quotes are great for giving someone motivation. Or if you have a special song that you and your partner share, you can also print the lyrics on magnets as a gift to them. Your gift will be greatly treasured by your loved ones!

5. Kids


Does your kid always hand you drawings but you just don’t know where to place them? Most of the time they either end up in the drawers or in the bin. Safekeep and display these memories by printing them on magnets. It will motivate them to create more of these masterpiece!


Interested in getting these magnets? Print them here! Our magnets are printed as squares on thin glossy magnet paper with a white border all around. Perfect for Instagram photos!

*Do take note photos printed on our magnet will give a slightly grainy effect to your photos, especially darker photos. Don’t worry your magnets will look just as good!

While browsing through our magnets, be sure to also check out our 2 other new products, Greeting Cards and Calendars, only available for a limited time only.

Happy printing!



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