Looking for Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas?

In a blink of an eye, it is already the end of another year! With festivals like Christmas and New year coming up, I’m sure you guys are looking for gift ideas for your loved ones. Also, it’s never too early for Christmas!! It’s always better to prep your gifts early than spend the last few days panicking and fighting the crowd in stores.

I am a sucker for personalised stuff so here are 5 of my favourite customizable gift/decor ideas which requires very minimal effort!

1. Calendar

photo calendar

photo calendar

A perfect and thoughtful gift for a fresh start of the New year! Personalise your calendar by adding your own pictures of your family/friends/pets or changing the background of it. You can even include important dates like anniversaries and birthdays! How sweet!


2. Magnets

photo magnets

Magnets is probably one of the safest gift, who doesn’t have a fridge at home! Even better, you can print photos of your family/friends/pets and make it super personalised. You can even print a funny warning sign so that your friends will think twice before snacking, hah!


3. Ornaments

Christmas ornament
Christmas ornament


Create your own DIY Christmas ornaments and gift them when you go visiting! These ornaments can be hung anywhere, such as your wall. They don’t have to only be for the Christmas tree. Or a cool idea would be to take pictures of your visitors, print them out and place them into individual ornament balls. Now you can see who visited you this Christmas. You can also just print photos of your family and make it into a family tree, it’s all really up to your own preferences!

You can find these ornaments and decorations online at an affordable price.

4. Candle

diy candle
diy candle

Candles are a good way to get one’s home in the holiday spirit with the perfect scented candle. However, you wouldn’t want someone to open their gifts to receive 20 of the same candles right? Make yours a lil’ special when you print a personalised picture on the candle jar itself! Now the receiver will know who the candle came from!

Click on the link  through ‘Source’ and find out how to make them!

5. Greeting Cards

greeting cards

greeting cards

What’s a gift without a greeting card! Never gift your beautifully wrapped present without a beautifully created greeting card! You can now create your own design of greeting cards for your loved ones and also add your own message along with it!



To start off the holiday season, Print For Fun will be releasing 2 new products for a limited time only. If you would like to get your hands on our Calendars and Greeting cards, stay with us on our social media platforms for updates!










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