Polaroid Camera Inspired DIY

Hey guys! We are back with another DIY. We will be doing a Polaroid Camera inspired DIY. So for those who have very small prints/stickers and want to have a place to keep it here is a DIY for you guys.

Materials needed:

  • A small box (best to have slide box but if you don’t then it’s okay)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Vanguard sheet
  • White paper
  • Bottle Cap
  • Ruler
  • Glue/Tape

Camera Box DIY

Let’s begin!

Since the box I’m using is not a slide box, I have to create one. If you guys have slide box, then you can skip this part of the DIY. So firstly, measure the box. Then draw on the vanguard sheet based on the measurements.

Camera Box DIY

At the sides of the shape, draw 4cm outwards. It should look like this.

Camera Box DIY

Once done, cut along outside of the lines. And then fold the sides into half.

Camera Box DIYCamera-DIY-8.jpg

Tape to secure it. And your ‘slide’ is done.

Camera Box DIY Camera Box DIY

As for the box, I’ll be using a scrapbook paper. You can use any pattern that you wish. I will be using a third of the scrapbook paper. Make sure that the bottom part of the box is not wrap.

Camera Box DIY

Camera Box DIY


Next is making the camera lens. I outlined the bottle cap and then cut it out. Then paste it on together with the bottle cap and the box. So it should look something like this:


I added a sticker to it as well but you can use a marker or a black paper instead.

We will need a shutter button. So first, you draw out a net of a cuboid on the scrapbook paper.

Camera Box DIY

The squares of the cuboid is 1cm by 1cm. The rectangle part of the cuboid is 1cm by 2cm.

Cut it out and form a cuboid and tape it together.

Camera Box DIY

Paste it on top of the box. Lastly, decorate the box.

Camera Box DIY

Camera Box DIY

And there you have it! A perfect gift or a decorated storage space for your photos/prints/stickers.

‘Till next time.

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