DIY Simple Photobook

We’re back again with another DIY. This time round will be a simple photobook.  This photobook can be a gift to your loved ones or a photobook for the places that you have visited. For me, it is the latter. The materials that I used: 2 A4 colored paper/ 2 A5 colored paper. (You can […]

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BOOM!! DIY Explosion Box

Another day in August might be another ordinary day for you, but today, for me, is a special day because it is my best friend’s birthday!! Guess who decided to make another DIY present for him!! Here are the materials I used: Black/coloured paper(minimum 3/add more if you want the product to have more layers […]

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DIY Gift Idea – Photo Calendar

If you haven’t already noticed, we are kinda, maybe, just a little obsessed with DIY projects. We are always thinking about what we can do with our photos – to personalise and make gifts/ everyday things extra special. So… we found a cool craft idea while looking for inspiration online! A tutorial for a photo […]

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