DIY: Waterfall Card tutorial

We’ve recently posted a video of the waterfall card we made with our small vintage prints on our instagram, and we received quite a number of request from our followers on how to make them.

Here, we’ve made a simple tutorial for those who are interested in making the waterfall card yourself:

Processed with VSCO
1. Take an A4 card and cut according to the measurements above
Processed with VSCO
2. Place the photo on the right end of the panel and draw a line
Processed with VSCO
3. Draw 5 lines at a gap of 1.5cm each
Processed with VSCO
4. Fold the card on each lines
Processed with VSCO
5. Put glue or double-sided tape in between the first and second line and stick a photo on it
Processed with VSCO
6. Do the same for the rest of the photos
Processed with VSCO
7. Cut out a strip according to the measurements above
Processed with VSCO
8. Place the strip in between the first photo and the top flap
Processed with VSCO
9. You can put double-sided tape or glue on the 2 flaps and stick it to any card
Processed with VSCO
The end product should look something like this. You can also design it in any way that you want.

There you have it! 9 easy steps to making your own waterfall card! Time to get your creative juices flowing and unleash your inner artist!

So if you want to start by printing your small vintage (polaroid look-alikes), you can head over to this link. Happy crafting!

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